Don't Wait To Appeal Your Conviction

A conviction on criminal charges can be heartbreaking and frustrating. When your first line of defense does not lead to favorable results, it is important to understand that you are not out of options. Appealing the conviction is your next step.

At Speights Law in Canton, our attorney, Amanda Speights, has the skill, experience and strong reputation to aggressively appeal your conviction. We know how important it is to give you the strongest possible chance at a successful appeal. We will fight to protect your future.

When Should You Start Thinking About An Appeal?

As soon as your trial is over, you should start your appeal. In Georgia, a notice of appeal expresses your intent to appeal your conviction, and one must be filed within 30 days.

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started on building a strong appeal.

Why You Should Work With Us

There are many attorneys in Georgia who handle appeals. At our firm, however, you will work with a lawyer who is respected by her peers and has a reputation for skillfully handling complex appeals.

Appealing a conviction is not as simple as claiming something wasn't fair in your trial. It requires extensive research, a thorough review of your trial records and an ability to see opportunities that are not always obvious. It also involves a careful review of your prior attorney's work. If your attorney failed to adequately protect your interests at trial, we can help.

Attorney Amanda Speights is well-known in the Canton area for being extremely detail-oriented in her pursuit of an appeal. With years of experience in criminal defense matters, she knows where to look for errors in your trial and how to expose them to bolster your case. She will always have your best interests in mind as she aggressively appeals your conviction.

We maintain strong communication with our clients throughout the process. We make it a priority to keep you informed every step of the way.

Fighting For Better Results

When appealing a conviction, you need a law firm on your side that is willing to fight for the best possible outcome because a failed appeal will get you nowhere. At Speights Law, we have a strong history of success achieving results for your clients. When you work with us, we will fight to have evidence against you thrown out, your sentence reduced and your conviction reversed.

Call Us Today To Get Started On Your Appeal

When your future is at stake, don't wait to start protecting yourself. Call us today at 770-383-1450 to schedule an initial consultation. You may also contact us by email. We can meet with you when it fits your schedule, including evenings and weekends.