Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

There is a commonly held belief that bankruptcy is bad, or somehow a sign of failure. In reality, however, bankruptcy is an extremely useful tool that gives many people who have found themselves in difficult financial situations — often through no fault of their own — a way out.

That is not to say that deciding to file for a bankruptcy is not an important decision. It certainly is. At Speights Law in Canton, Georgia, we can help you determine if it is the right choice for you.

The Benefits Of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy offers numerous benefits for those who are faced with insurmountable debt. Some of them include:

  • Stopping creditor harassment: From the moment you file for bankruptcy, creditors will no longer be allowed to contact you. By law, they cannot repossess your property or foreclose on your house.
  • Discharging debts: Many people are surprised to learn just how much debt can be discharged in the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy is not meant to put you in greater financial distress; it is meant to relieve you of financial distress.
  • A clean slate: The part of bankruptcy that our clients love the most is that it offers them a fresh start. Bankruptcy allowed them to move on from the debt that once left them debilitated and work toward regaining their financial footing.

Assessing Your Situation In Your Initial Consultation

In your first consultation, our attorneys can help you determine whether bankruptcy makes sense for you. By reviewing your finances, including your income, debts and assets, we can learn whether bankruptcy or another form of debt relief is best for you.

If bankruptcy is the best option, we can help you determine if you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or whether your financial situation means Chapter 13 is a better fit. With more than 20 years of experience, our lawyers can help guide you toward freedom from debt.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

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